DIY, Template, Or Custom! Which One Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd?

People utilize various methods to add more to their marketing tactics. It is, no doubt, challenging to promote a business online, but if you put all the pieces of the puzzle in the correct order, then it gets a lot easier.

Let us focus on the minimum requirement for online marketing, which is to develop a website that exhibits all your services/products; in short; it will become the augmentation, your business needs. For regular people (who are not familiar with coding), building a website to merchandise their services can be maze-like. If you don’t know about your digital marketing needs, then not to worry, we will walk you through three main types of business websites that can exploit your newly established, old, or below par organization.

So, let’s dig in:

DIY Website Builders

The easiest way for non-tech savvy folks to develop a business website, as it doesn’t require any back-end (coding) knowledge, anyone can design and create a site to their liking in a matter of hours. Usually, the people who are low on marketing capital often switch to this type, because it can help you get the website design you need within a reasonable price. For example, a boutique agency will require a product gallery, images, and of course, a visual style that will go well with the nature of this e-commerce category website; you can get it all done at one place.

Good News:

  • Platforms like “Wix” are easy to use and doesn’t require too much knowledge.
  • No Back-end skills needed.
  • A standard, cost-effective website can be developed without any complications.

Bad News:

  • Limited options to tailor the website according to your needs.
  • The websites developed with a DIY platform usually come with branding, unless you choose to switch to the template business websites, and edit the files…this is ok if you have basic coding knowledge.
  • You will be spending more time developing a site rather than approaching new clients or paying proper attention to your team.
  • You will never become its rightful owner (sad face)
  • So, if you were planning to go for DIY websites to meet digital marketing needs, it might not be a good idea, but these tools can help develop a website for personal use, like blogging.


Template Business Website

These websites have several customizations available, depending on which platform you choose to go with. Content management sites like WordPress offer various customizable options. For starters, you will need to buy a template or go with its predefined version. The model you will purchase can be installed on this CMS, or any other you find comfortable working on.

Good News:

  • Customizations are not limited, and you can change anything by working in the back-end.
  • Low-cost, you don’t need to spend a lot as others do on creating a custom business website.

Bad News:

  • Many businesses are going to have similar templates, but it doesn’t matter too much. Try to go for a unique template, and if you have back-end knowledge, it will be a plus. You can change anything according to your necessities.
  • If you buy a template from a different platform, then you will need the knowledge to install it on a content management system or ask an expert to do it for you. In case you buy it from the CMS store, then the platform will install it for you.
  • These templates will need to be updated, and it will require you to work in the back-end to change the design.
  • If you don’t choose to shift the website to a different host, you will get a CMS tag before your domain name. You will need to pay for hosting, and install the template on that host, to become its rightful owner.


Custom Business Website

This is where you hire a professional, like QKA Digital, to do the heavy work for you. Your website is built by an expert designer and a person who has adequate back-end knowledge. It’s the choice of people in business who don’t have a limited budget. Additionally, you can add more to its layout by just logging in to its easily operable CMS, depending on your business’s increasing needs.

Good News:

  • The website will have the best design, and it will be one of a kind. It can be developed by a firm or an individual who is an expert website developer.
  • When created on a CMS like WordPress, you will be able to add/remove sections from the website. You can delete unwanted posts, or add recent news without asking anyone to do it for you.
  • These websites come with various benefits; you can use all sorts of on-page SEO tactics to challenge your competitors. Moreover, if you have a team managing your marketing campaign, then developing an SEO strategy will become more manageable.

Bad News:

  • These websites cost more than the DIY and templates.
  • It takes time to build a custom business website, depending on your needs.
  • You will need to select a design for your website, or hire a designer to create it.

If you are about to start an online business, you will need to go with one of the above options to promote it online. Additionally, it also depends on your budget; you can either create a website free of cost with limited resources or go for the custom option to manage all the site components, whenever you require.

Need An Expert To Develop A Website For You?

We are here, the experts of Central Florida, ready to develop and design a unique website. You will get a responsive design, and a customizable website that will work without a glitch on all devices. We develop websites in WordPress CMS, which is an exceptional content management system. Moreover, we will provide you with proper instructions on adding/removing posts, content, images, and blogs.

You will be the sole owner of the website, there will be no branding, and we will make sure to install an SSL certificate to make the visitors feel secure.