Interactive Content Will Become Mainstream in 2020

Content marketing is, and always has been a great way to reach your target audience. It can be used to increase both traffic and engagement. The transformation power of interactive content focuses on improving consumer engagement at a rate twice that of passive content. For that reason, internet marketers are becoming more likely to utilize interactive content.

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content requires active engagement from the audience. When contrasted with passive content, marketers rely on their audience to take some sort of action when using interactive content. These actions may include simple clicks, swipes, or answering questions in a poll. While traditional content requires its audience to merely view or read, interactive content’s need for engagement provides its audience with a personal investment.

93% of marketers believe that interactive content is effective at educating the buyer while 91% of B2B buyers would prefer to consume interactive media. Long-term effects of interactive media could be an increased base of educated consumers as well as significantly higher efficiency in terms of audience engagement.

Why Use Interactive Content In 2020?

Here are several benefits of interactive content:

More Shares on Social Media: Active engagement results in more shares, likes and comments on social media. Over time, the more users interact with your content, the higher social media algorithms will place your content in terms of relevancy.

Better SEO Rankings: Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use many ranking factors to estimate the engagement and reactions of consumers like bounce rate, comment frequency, and the time they remain on your site. More shares and links to your site will help increase traffic and therefore, your overall SEO performance.

Customer Feedback: In order to properly adjust their business model, businesses need to routinely obtain a good amount of customer feedback. Negative feedback will reveal problem-areas that data might not necessarily show, and positive feedback can broaden the scope of the data itself. Polls and surveys are great examples of interactive content that provides customer feedback.

More Conversions: Interaction can help your visitors to feel comfortable with your website and your overall brand. Once they complete a survey or share a link, it is easier to check your products or subscribe to your email list.

Personalization: Interactive content makes your visitors feel important. Quizzes, surveys, and polls show them that their opinion really matters for your business while providing them with a sense of investment. This process can be beneficial for both parties, the business and the customers because businesses can learn more about their audience, and the audience will get a better user experience.

Examples of Interactive Content:

Surveys: A series of open-ended questions that help businesses know what their audience really wants. 

Polls: Similar to survey, however smaller, simpler and quicker.

360° Videos: Allow visitors to view an entire office space, house, or any physical setting.

Calculators: There are calculators for budgeting, weight loss, business plans, and more.

E-Commerce Recommendations: Suggestions automatically presented to your audience as a result of data-centered consumer activity. 

QKA Digital Solutions and Interactive Content

Within the next few years, interactive content will undoubtably become the norm for digital marketers. QKA Digital Solutions can help you jumpstart the competition and become a pioneer in the world of interactive content marketing